As you read these words, take a moment to relax. Let your body become comfortable. Take your awareness to your breathing and breathe feelings of comfort. 

Now, remind yourself that many things are possible. Your belief creates
possibilities. Your focus brings dreams to reality. Your awareness
attracts the answers that you need. This is hypnosis.

As you carry yourself further into your journey of comfort you are
expanding your thoughts and feelings to a more intelligent and
sensitive level.

Hypnosis helps you to work with more of your mind. Hypnotherapy is a
therapeutic use of hypnosis for positive benefit. Whether you want to
deal with habits, fears and phobias. past issues or current anxieties,
your hypnotherapist works with you, guiding you gently towards a
heightened state of awareness. You are fully in control within a
relaxed and comfortable environment.


Commonly you come to hypnotherapy for a particular problem and then you
discover strengths that you never knew you had. You leave with an inner
tool that you can use throughout your daily life. A new perspective of
problems, issues, goals and dreams.

In today's environment hypnotherapy is a safe and natural path towards
inner relaxation without the need for pills. It's safe too, to use as a
relaxation and recovery tool alongside prescribed medication.

If you are looking for a natural, intuitive and relaxing way of relieving discomfort,
here are a few ways that it may be helpful: 
  •                                                       Specialising in weight control and motivation to keep it off. 
  •  stopping smoking, often without cravings and without the need for other
    non smoking substancies.
  • overcoming fear of flying, driving, social situations and sleep problems
  •  elimination of habits such as nail biting, hair pulling, finger picking 
  • gaining confidence in public, giving presentations, job interviews,public speaking
  •  overcoming phobias such as fear of spiders, mice, needles, dentists 
    gaining confidence in public, giving presentations, job interviews,
    public speaking.

Usually results are achieved within a short number of sessions.
Your first session should involve a full consultation which will give
you plenty of opportunity to feel comfortable, to ask any questions and say anything that you need to say about your expectations and goals for therapy.

Try it - hypnotherapy can help you to make permanent change that you
are ready to make and its wonderful for relieving stress too.