Hopi Ear Candles

Hopi ear candling belongs originally to the instinctively healing Native American culture. The "candles" are actually cones made from cotton dipped in beeswax and are inserted gently into the ear and ignited to create a mild natural vacuum. Biosun ear candles are used in all treatments - the only candles guaranteed to be made to the original Native American recipe, which was bought by the company in the 1940s.



Candles are made from cotton dipped in a beeswax mix, incorporating the natural healing, astringent and antiseptic properties of honey, St. John's Wort, Sage, Chamomile and Beta carotene. Once inserted gently into the outer part of the ear, the candle is lit and your therapist will hold it in place throughout. Treatment time varies between 8-15 minutes, depending upon how much work the candle has to do.   No two treatments are the same. 

You will not feel the "candle" in your ear, and the treatment provides a wonderful opportunity for relaxation as you lie on your side listening to the crackling sound of it slowly burning down and extracting any impurities and toxins from the auditory canal. The experience sounds a bit like a roaring log fire and is surprisingly relaxing.

At the end of the treatment you may have the opportunity to watch your therapist unravel the candle and inspect the contents if you wish to do so. This will largely include residual powder - a yellowish coloured dust that may also sit in the outer ear following treatment - and possibly some wax of varying quantities and shades.

The treatment concludes with a relaxing facial massage to assist in draining any sinus blockages. A regular course of treatment can help in cases of ear nose and throat complaints - your therapist will give a consultation to determine whether this is the case.

Ear candling can help with:

  • Sinus problems
  • Constant colds                                                                                     Balance problems/Meniere's Disease/ Tinnitus/Vertigo *                          Excessive wax buildup
  • Clearing ears before Flying

*with consultation with your GP

It is important to remember that no complementary therapy is diagnostic or curative, and that neither is it a substitute for advice from a qualified medical practitioner. However, regular sessions from a qualified therapist may help to alleviate some health issues and imbalances.

Relax into the hands of the Native Americans and experience how deeply beneficial this wonderful treatment can be, for body, mind and spirit. Treatment lasts between 30-45 minutes depending on the length of time the "candle" takes to burn down (this varies from person to person)