Sports Massage

Sports massage is a deeper more therapeutic massage.Focused on the injured area.It can be used before sports events to soften, warm & stretch muscle tissue to help prevent injury. Used post excersie to help prevent build up of toxins & acids in muscles.It promotes recovery from injury, eases tired & damaged muscles, alleviating the effects of stress & tension. Provides pain relief & reduces swelling, improves circulation. It helps identify potential problem areas, preventing injury, increasing mobility, improving posture & aids relaxation. 

I have been a massage therapist for over 8 years. Working with celebrities,dancers, actors, comedians, DJ's & professional athletes.I have also worked with NHS, Manchester City Council, healthcare & bluechip companies. 

I have been trained in a wide range of therapies & utilise all my skills in a personal prescription massage to suit you. To help reduce pain I also incorporate aromatherapy oils,creams, heated compress & magnets to aid the healing process.